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YS- Youth Service

Youth Services Program
Grades 2-5



  Youth Services (YS) - grades 2-5 - Participating students are given supper and  everybody receives free supper if they stay in the after school program. Coach Eric teaches participating students the fundamentals of sports. Students have the opportunity to participate in the following sport activities: flag football, basketball softball and soccer throughout the school year. These students play on Saturdays with other YS schools.

During the last hour the coach Eric provides homework support in the auditorium for 1 hour.

If interested, please fill out an application to enroll your child in the YS program.

Students participate in the program for dismissal time to 6:00 p.m.

Important- students are not allowed to bring toys, electronics or any valuables. Phones must be kept in student's backpack as per district policy, students must ask supervisor to use phone for emergency purposes only. Coaches have cell phone to contact parents when necessary.

School and program rules are strictly enforced. Students not following rules will be issued a warning letter and in some cases they can be suspended from the program indefinitely.


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2ND and 3RD ROTATIONS -  (Playground YS)


  • Implementation of YS monthly activities.

       *Homework time

       *Yellow flag (restroom rotation)

       *Squad implementation

       *Use of cones to support designated play areas     


2016-2017 sports


Flag Football Aug. 18 - Oct. 22
Basketball Sept. 12 - Jan. 21
Softball Nov. 14 - Mar. 11
Track Mar. 20 - May 20
Soccer Feb. 1 - May 13
Drill team Nov. 1 - June 3