Ranchito Avenue Elementary School School for Advanced Studies

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About Our School

Address: 7940 RANCHITO AVE
Telephone: 818-988-1710
Fax: 818-988-4238
Email: N/A
Website: www.ranchitoavees.org
Describe your school's geographical, demographic, educational and economic community base:
The following websites contain useful date: http://www.census.gov/ , http://www.zip-codes.com , http://www.city-data.com/
We are located in the east San Fernando Valley. Surrounding cities are Pacoima and Van Nuys. The population is approximately 70,000. We are an urban based community school with a predominately Hispanic population. Our families reside primarily in multi-family residences, with one-third in single family homes.
Indicate grade levels and, if applicable, school configuration (e.g., Continuation School, Sp. Ed. Center, etc.):
We serve pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. We have 1 ETK/PCC,1 PAL and 1 ED class.
Indicate student enrollment figures:
Our current enrollment, TK through fifth is approximately 565, with an additional 50 students in our preschool programs (ETK, PCC and PAL).
Indicate poverty level (i.e., percentage of low-income students identified on the Title ranking):
90% of our students are on free or reduced price lunch.
Identify language, racial and ethnic make-up of the student body:
The major ethnic groups are Latino (80%), White (9%) and Filipino (8%), the predominate language being English.
Provide a description of how the school will share individual student academic assessment results in a language the parents understand, including an interpretation of those results.
The school provides individual student academic assessment results to parents in core curricular areas. The results are explained and discussed with parents during parent meetings and parent-teacher conferences. Whole school and grade data is presented during committee and council meetings, in newsletters and mailings. All correspondence is translated into Spanish. Progress reports are shared in the parents' home language three times annually. families of those students who are at risk of nor meeting grade level standards are given a warning notice providing information regarding the areas in which the student is deficient.
Describe other important characteristics of the school (e.g., SLC, PLC):
*Title I School-wide Program (SWP)
*Title III English Language Acquisition, Language Enhancement, and Academic Achievement
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